Japan disaster fund – A big thank you


960 Euros (100.195 Japanese Yen) raised by customers, friends and family of Nunoya.

 Back in April we posted on our blog a photo of Nanako, Nunoya’s owner, and friends making Tsuru, (paper cranes). These were made almost every day since then and placed next to the till in our Barcelona shop. The suggested donation was 2 Euros each Tsuru though many people donated more.

We wish to thank all of you who contributed to the 960 Euros we raised.

We have just returned from Japan where we exchanged Euros into Yen and transferred directly to the Fukushima prefecture (regional government) relief fund account.

Fukishima was at the centre of the disaster zone and all funds received by them are being utilised for the relief effort and helping local inhabitants get back on their feet.  Many residents are still living in gymnasiums and other temporary accommodation.

We particularly thank Mizuki Lonsdale who took the initiative with starting the Tsuru project.

The following photo shows the bank exchange and transfer documents. The Fukishima prefecture office has contacted us to say they will send an official receipt as soon as possible. Understandably they have a backlog of administrative duties to perform.


Receipt of Euro to Yen exchange


Bank receipt Nunoya donation to Fukushima prefecture disaster fund

Bank receipt Nunoya donation to Fukushima prefecture disaster fund


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Nunoya interview

The following is an interview with BarcelonaVisió. Although it is in Spanish, we hope it provides an insight into our Barcelona shop.

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Giants and Kimono

Giants of Lleida in their kimono - photo Felip Vilardell

Gigantes de Lleida

Giants of Lleida - photo Salvador Sasot

As can be seen in these photos, our fabrics have all kinds of applications! These giants from the city of Lleida are now the proud owners of kimonos made with Nunoya’s Japanese fabrics.

While we are used to making made to measure kimonos in our Barcelona shop these sizes were beyond even our professional experience. In this case we supplied fabrics to a specialist studio that has commissions from the city halls of Catalunya to supply giants and their costumes.

Joan and Puri from the “Unquefacartro” studio in the  Serra d’Almos moutains in the south of Catalunya did a fantastic job. As the costumes for such giants normally last a few years there should be a few more chances to see our fabrics parading through the streets of Lleida.

Designs for giants and fabric selection in Nunoya.


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Spanish Geisha

Spanish Geisha in their beautiful kimonos.

A Spanish Geisha

Spanish Geishas - kimonos made with Japanese fabrics from Nunoya

A little slow with posting this but I’m still new to the world of blogging!

Over the years we have been involved with numerous fascinating projects and this is one of them. A client asked us to supply fabric for around 20 geisha kimonos for the March 2011 Palamos Carinival on the Costa Brava. Fabric samples were viewed, their seamstress consulted then we ordered the fabric from Japan.

The result was fantastic with impressive attention to detail.

The fabric is available in our Barcelona shop and online. We make kimonos and dresses to order with any  of our  Japanese fabrics.

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Cranes for Japan


Making origimi brids in Nunoya 02/04/2011


We appreciate the concern shown to us by our customers regarding the recent events in Japan. Many of you have asked our girls if their friends and family are safe. Fortunately yes, none of our staff have friends or family in the affected region.

 As I have often seen during my ten years in Spain the Spanish are quick to offer support to those in need. I am aware of various fundraising / awareness projects that ordinary people here have organised.

 With a number of other Japanese businesses in Barcelona we are collecting funds for the disaster relief effort in Japan.

As can be seen in the following images we are making origami “Tsuru”, the traditional Japanese symbol of solidarity and peace.

They are available in our shop for a suggested donation of 2 Euros.

All of the proceeds we collect will be donated to the Japanese consulate in Barcelona which is coordinating the transfer of funds to the Japanese Red Cross and other relief organisations.

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Sitges International Patchwork Festival, March 2011


Nunoya at the Sitges Patchwork Fair

Sitges International Patchwork Fair , March 2011

Thank you to all of you who visited our stand, we hope you are now having fun creating wonderful items with our fabrics. We enjoyed meeting hundreds of new customers and it was also nice to see many familar faces from our Barcelona shop.

Sitges 2011 customer creation.

A beautiful bag made with Nunoya fabrics.

We always love to see our customer’s creations. Here’s a lady at the Sitges festival showing us a fantastic bag she made with our Japanese fabrics.

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A Kiss from the Mayor

Nunoya mención especial mejor nuevo implantación We take this opportunity to thank all our staff, Akemi, Asai and Chie for their part in Nunoya gaining the above award. Domo arigato girls! Sean and Nanako. Each year “Barna Centre”, the Barcelona city centre’s business association holds an award ceremony, the “Silver Rose.” Awards are given to the best new business opening and the best renovation in Barcelona’s Barrio Gotico (the old city). We received a special mention for the best new opening for our shop on Palla street. The jury is made up from, among others, professionals from the College of Architects and the Chamber of Commerce with consideration give to the style of the premises, the originality and quality of products and of the customer service offered.

Award ceremony. Majestic Hotel, Barcelona Feb. 2011.
Handshakes for me, kisses for the girls. The gentleman with the red tie is Mr. Javier Cottet Torres, the President of Barna Centre. The mayor, Jordi Hereu is in the centre of the stage.
Akemi, Nanako, Sean and Chie ready to go the the gala dinner at the Majestic Hotel. Such a shame that Asai is missing, she is in Japan on maternity leave.
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Tatami Room – Japanese restaurant with the best beer in Barcelona

Japanese farbic lamps. Beautiful lamps in the Tatami Room made with Japanese fabrics supplied by Nunoya. They are created here in Barcelona by our super talented friend Mizuki. Her lamps are available in our Barcelona shop  and they can be order made with any of our fabrics. You may catch her in the Tatami Room as her English husband Hugo is one of the three co-owners. “The Tatami Room – Restaurant and Bar” Poeta Cabanyes 19 08004 Barcelona 933 296 740 http://www.thetatamiroom.net/

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New shop – opening 28 November 2010

New shop - opening November 2009

New shop - opening November 2009

Over the past years we have walked past this shop thousands of times as it was halfway between our Banys Nous shop and home. Amazingly, for such a fantastic location, it has been closed for about 20 years though we always thought it would be perfect for our expansion plans should it ever become available. We contracted it in May, presented our project to the city hall then set to work transforming it into Nunoya’s base for the forseeable future. As the following photos show we were to have a lot of work on our hands.

The Pope visited Barcelona in 1982 so this place is a bit of a museum.

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